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Airdrop has been deployed

· 2 min read

It's the end of March and as we mentioned in our latest article we are moving in the direction of a DAO with the announcement of an airdrop of the protocol token... And we just did that! We sent a claimable balance with the share of the supply to all of the early adopters and super adopters in the proportion mentioned in that article.

We will give 1 month to claim the airdrop (deadline: April 30th at 23:59:59 UTC), after the deadline is completed we will claim back the unclaimed supply and send it to the DAO treasury.

Let's remember that the total supply of the protocol token is 64 million tokens, and a total of 28.8 million tokens (45% of the total supply) were just distributed to the early adopters with a boost to those being the super adopters. We also distributed the rest of the tokens as specified in the article and a total of 25.6 million tokens are currently waiting to be distributed to the protocol itself, in the next few days we will deploy the protocol treasury contract where we will send this remaining supply and all token holders will be able to decide what to do with it through a regular DAO voting process.

You might be asking yourself "Why would I want to claim this airdrop?" Well, as you might know, the protocol doesn't charge a fee when registering a domain... However future features like buying/selling or liquidations will indeed have fees, these fees will be distributed to the DAO treasury and voters can decide what to do with these fees, it's important that the community cares about it and participates in deciding!

So, without anything else to say... Check your wallet, it's possible there is an airdrop waiting for your approval ;D

Remember: The DAO will never sell its token, so be aware of scams and check the real issuer of the protocol token here