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Mainnet launch

· One min read

Soroban is on mainnet... And so are we

Soroban moved to phase 1 two days ago and with the new soroban limits, we are now able to deploy and use our registry contract. We did some updates to the code before going live so subdomains can be registered and also invalidated once the root domain is burned and registered again.

The front-end client of the protocol still requires more work because currently only allows you to register and burn a domain, the next feature we will be adding to the protocol is the ability to transfer the ownership of a domain to another account and the ability to liquidate domains.

We also add a new section to our documentation: Protected names, check it out so you're aware of a few domains only the legitimate owners should be able to register.

A task for ourselves is adding Soroban Domains support to xBull Wallet (yeah we are the creators of that wallet) and getting in touch with others so they also include it in their wallets. A new era has started in the Stellar ecosystem and we are excited to see what else gets developed on soroban.