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The start of the journey

· One min read

And here we go!

Soroban is already on the mainnet, still on phase 0 but the great news is that is finally on the mainnet! It's been a long journey but here we are.

And because Soroban is out, we are publishing our website too! Our protocol has been available on testnet since February 4th, 2024 and we are excited for when Soroban moves from phase 0 and we can deploy our contracts.

Our protocol aims to be the de facto domain service on Soroban, and to do that we are creating a free-to-use protocol to make it a public service in the future (someone said DAO?).

We started our protocol on Feb 3rd, it's been just 20 days since the first line of code was written so we are still in really early development so be ready to see new features built :D

That's all for now, be safe out there ;)