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A public domain system governed and managed by its community

Token and initial distribution

The DAO is not registered yet, but the protocol needs to start the process of becoming a community-driven project and in order to do that, there will be a unique initial distribution from which token recipients will be able to later give their token to others if they want to.

The protocol will have an initial supply of 64 million tokens, they will be distributed this way:

  • DAO Treasury (40%): The DAO will receive the biggest chunk of the mint, and the DAO will decide what to do with this through DAO voting.
  • Early adopters (20%): The early adopters are all of the active domain owners in the protocol until 2024-03-23 12:00:00 UTC
  • Super adopters (25%): Those who had a domain registered and also played wenmeridian receive an extra allocation because of participating in everything around Soroban Domain so far.
  • Core Contributor (15%): This mint is allocated to the contributor to the core of the protocol (Creit Technologies LLP), this is for developing the protocol until the next features are done: Registering, burning, buy/sell, transfer, update address, DAO logic and liquidation.

Token: PSD (Soroban Domain Protocol)

  • Code: PSD
  • Status: issued

PSD role in Soroban Domains

PSD is a governance token, it gives its owners power to vote in the governance of the protocol and also allows them to claim profits if the DAO decides to distribute funding generated by the protocol to its holders.

Be aware that the DAO itself will never sell the token nor invite you to buy it. If someone is telling you that the DAO is selling or is going to sell its governance token, it's a scam.