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A registry in the Soroban network

Soroban Domains is a simple protocol that allows the registry of domains to be used on the Soroban network. This way we can use shorter and easy to remember names like satoshi.xlm instead of long addresses that are hard to remember or share.

Why using domains on the network?

There are multiple benefits of using such type of system, but the most clear benefit is being able to share your domain instead of the public key. For example someone who wants to receive some funds can share paul.xlm instead of GB3ZWK2NKJR7SKI3SEZVO3KK2T6UC4QWETKPVPTCYWPC56BJCOM3IKOZ.

Another benefit is being able to group public keys under one same domain thanks to subdomains, for example one company could have and are both under the managements of company.xlm but at the same time they both translates to different wallets, this makes it much easier for those interacting with it.

Still in development

The protocol is still in early development, but is already usable by those who want to try it out or implement it with their apps. Keep checking our documentation for future updates.